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Bay6 is a project with one simple aspiration: To ensure that no-one leaving hospital has to sleep rough; be it on the streets, or in unsafe conditions. Working across Devon, we will offer advice and assistance to patients who find themselves at risk of homelessness; and try and help resolve their housing issue. This project has the support of all local authorities, and a shared commitment to improve this often preventable situation.

If you are working with a patient who doesn’t have somewhere safe to stay when they leave hospital, please get in touch.

Here’s how it works, and what you can do to help:

On admission. Quite often, the difference between finding a housing solution or not comes down to time, so please try and identify patients as early as possible.

Ask patients if they have any housing related problems, or a safe place to stay when they leave hospital. Understandably, many people would rather not be labelled as ‘homeless’; and asking in this manner is far less stigmatizing.

Let us know. Please phone our referral number – we will ask you for some basic details to enable us to get started. We will then arrange to visit the ward and with the client’s agreement do what we can to find somewhere suitable for them to stay before they are discharged.

Let others know. This is a pilot project, and will only continue if we can prove that there is a need, and that we can make a difference. Please tell colleagues about the service, or give us a call if you would like us to give a brief talk; say at a staff meeting.We are happy for clients to self-refer, or for their families to give us a call, so please let them know too!

Phone: 01392 429294 


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